Mockup Vocalist


This project is intended to make noise when you open the mouth. The title mockup vocalist shows that the internet and camera are giving everyone a chance to make a sound and express their own but technology also gives people a chance to fake in online streaming. The boundaries of genders and identities are vague under the cyber net context. We can hide our true status or just fabricate a new one. For example, AI could beautify your face; you only need to open your mouth and to pretend you are singing even if you are not a vocalist. So in this project, your face will be covered as your true identity is no more important as we also exist with virtual identities online. When you open your mouth bigger, it will play a higher pitch of a sound, from a bass to a soprano

Check the p5 source code here

Design Process

This p5 sketch runs with clmtrackr and sound library on face tracking.
When open the mouth, it will immediately calculate how big the opened mouth is and transfer into a value which constrained the pitch of a ready prepared sound clip.
The calculate process is by taking the two points near our mouth from the facial recognition models and calculated the distance through
dist() and map() functions
Face will be pixlated to vague your online identity through opencv/ML5 library.