Eat me? Drink Me?

Alice in the wonderland

Design Method

In this assignment, I simply drew three pictures: Alice, cake, and the medicine bottle. I used a loadfont() function to display the font.
loadImage() in the preload function and image() function in the draw loop will draw the images.
While by adding a parameter in the resize() function like img.resize(img.width/i,img.height/i), and i is a dynamic value constrained to the mousePressed function
I also defined two active area white mouse can only clicked in these two areas to change the i value. Each time you clicked the buttons, i will either +1 or-1. (showing on the p5 sketch) A counter is also added to limit the changing size process to 5 times. Once you clicked on the "eat me" button, Alice will turning bigger.
If you click on the "drink me" button, then Alice will shrink.


My idea came from Alice in the Wonderland, of the plot when Alice turning her size big and small by taking the cake and medicine. I related the mousePressed function to the size of Alice.