Exquisite Body


Team: Austin, Qiaochu(Grace), Zhijun Exchange Part:
Upper: Zhijun
Mid Body: Austin
In this project, I picked up the body part from Austin's Eagle and legs from Grace's little devil, putting together and making this exquisite body.
Stories: Mine is just a unisex image of a human. Austin's drawing is started as a tree then growing into an eagle.

Design Process

The first idea that came to me was just to draw a naked body, a unisex figure. Then after this collage, I put all three people's parts together and create this human-like creature.
Through key press´╝îit can control the mouse open and close. As I want to reflect on the current pandemic situation, I used the virus motif that I drew for another game in this sketch. Every time, this figure opens his mouth, it will spit out viruses and transfer them in that space until they died out.
I also added a mouse moving function so that when we move the mouse, its legs will get crazy, shaking and walking And the body is pointillism through pixel[] function filling the color into several circles.
All these three parts are animated with mouse position and keypress function.


I was at first very interested in making a magnifying effect with cursor moment since I use pixel function to load images for the mid-body part. Then I found it is different from Openframeworks ways to load in vector. However, this simple mouse movement is enough for now. I then created this weird human-looked creature. I really thank for the guys in my groups, providing me with such adorable drawings.

example of Magnifying