Please use your cusor to play with the black canvas.


Author: Zhijun Song Partner:Angel Fan

According to Angel's description, I drew a simple heart shape pendants with the chain as a necklace. She also mentioned it was a souvenir from Broadway‘s Beauty and the Beast. But I couldn’t find a real image that matches her’s description. I was trying to find a reference and I also rewatched Disney's version by the way. :( Then I add some cruels and images that will indicate this is Belle’s necklace. And the image of Belle and the princess was embedded inside of this necklace. I’d also add some interactions(such as open/close the pendant) since it was a locket pendant so that the necklace could become a little treasure box to store that warm childhood memory.

Design Process

1. Adding background silhouette image.
2. Drawing the chain pendant with the curvePoint() function.
Draw a curve to fit the neck shape of the silhouette. Then determine the start, ending points, and two control points, then transfer to the function.
3.Draw the heart-shaped pendant with beginShape() and endShape() function. Use pop() and push() to adjust the position for a single element. Also, use the rotate() and translate() function to change the position of the element.
4. Add booleans, interaction, and other details.


I made a second canvas because I think that open-and-find process is important to the memory and I want to show that process through an interactive way. Also, I didn't ask for more details of where the engraved heart is located and how the criss-cross looks like. So this may make a lot of differences.
Partner's Description: "When I was 8, I went to Beauty and the Beast on Broadway and my sister bought me a souvenir replica of Belle’s necklace. I was a gold, heart-shaped locket with some detailing on the front which was an engraved heart and two pieces of wheat in a criss-cross."